"I adore the things You ignore"

Digital Art, Urban Exploration, Classic Hard Rock, Metal, and Photo


I´ve always spread my Art, Music, Urbex and Photos on different Sites but I thought it would be nice to have it all in one place. You will find some galleries and stuff in the links above that is responsive and work in most devices...

The full gallery with tons of stuff in the Coppermine Gallery. A bit Old Fashioned Gallery Style but the database is so simple to work with so I continue uploading all my stuff there

DIGITAL ART - 20 Years of 3D and Photoshopping

URBEX SWEDEN - Lots of Abandoned Places from my Homeland

URBEX ABROAD - Some pics from adventures in other Countries

PEOPLE & PORTRAITS - On location and in the Studio

I am on my way to upload 20 years of Digital Art, Photography and Urban Exploration. Hopefully I find time to upload some of the 3D assets I have created and use in my art too. I´ve made a bunch of props that I use for my Art in Zbrush, Poser, Vue etc. You can find some samples in the Portfolios above and tons of photos and artworks in the Coppermine Gallery.


This is also the home of my music project band "Abandoned Earth".  So far I have about 12 songs written and in different stages of recording that hopefully will endup as an Album.