"I adore the things You ignore"

About Anders Plassgard

Swedish dude making music, digital art and photography. I´ve played music since I was a kid.. For several years I let the creativity out through graphics, digital art and photo and music. Some of it can be seen here

I got my roots in the 70s Hard Rock. But i listen to and play everything that I find interesting. It can be pop, blues, metal or electronica. I kinda like a little blue tone or melacholy in music but right now I want it HEAVY! 

I have a Band called "ELEKTRIK WARFARE" where I write all music and sing and a Project Band called "Abandoned Earth" where I´m the Songwriter and play Keyboards and Hammond Organ. I love to play Heavy Distorted Riffs on the Organ. But also soft Pianostuff and sometimes electronic music. I write and produce my music in Cubase. 

I use Canon and Sony Cameras for photography and make Digital Art in Photoshop, Poser, DS, Vue and Z-brush. I also produce Animations and Videos in Iclone and After FX.

I´ve been a Urban Explorer for the past 20 years or so and visited abandoned places all over the World.


Contact andersplassgard@gmail.com